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What is Rofayda ?

It is a medical campus, located in Sheikh Zayed City on land area of 15,000sqm with a total built up area 43,000sqm. It consists of 2 buildings; Clinics building and a semi attached building including Dar el Oyoun & Maternity.

The Campus provides a wide array of specialties:

  • Academy
  • Bank
  • Cafeteria
  • Parking

Who is Rofayda

Rofayda stands for “Rofayda Bint Sa’ad”, the first professional nurse in the history of the Arab world, she received training from her physician father, and she cared for patients in her tent and led groups of volunteers to care for the wounded and causalities on the battlefield.

Rofayda possessed the values of the ideal health care provider, such as pioneering, leadership, care and empathy as well as proper knowledge and quality.

Rofayda Health Park adopted her name and values to operate and provide the best health care service Nationwide.

Chairman Message

”  At Rofayda we believe that Patients’ care comes as our utmost goal which is achieved through persistent training and development.  “

Omaima Idris


Mission, Vision and Values


We are committed to gain patients’ loyalty through providing a trustworthy medical environment.


To become the nation’s first choice for quality health care.

  • Pioneering Leadership
  • Caring Responsibility
  • Knowledgeable Treatment