The Hospital

Rooms & Suites

Our mission is to provide you with health care options that help you gain back your well-being. Our accommodation experience which holds outstanding interiors and configurations are designed to pamper you with comfort and care to meet your health necessities. Our selection of rooms and suites are offered in different selections.

Intensive Care Units

The hospital holds Gynecology and Obstetric, Pediatric and Neonatology intensive care units. They are designed and equipped with the latest technologies and well trained staff to ensure fast recovery with full privacy of the patient. They are for patients who require 24/7 close medical attention. 


The nursery is a room designed to provide maximum care and safety for the newborn. The nursery staff are available 24/7 to give full care for the baby, allowing, the mother to rest and recover.

Emergency Room

In the emergency department, we know that every mother and child sometimes need the upmost immediate care. Therefore, the emergency room is always ready with skilled pediatricians and obstetricians around the clock to provide immediate medical attention to ensure patient safety.

Operating Rooms

Our operating theaters are state-of-the-art facilities designed for optimal efficiency, and facilitate a seamless operational flow for performing complex surgical operations. Each of our three operating rooms is equipped with sophisticated equipment from positive pressure rooms and ceiling-mounted equipment units with the latest advancements in surgical technology for optimum performance . Rofayda hospital is fitted with a purpose-built hybrid operating theater, where both open and minimally invasive surgery can be carried out.

Maternity Services

We offer a collection of maternity services to make sure our patients make the most out of their experience at Rofayda.