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Dr. Shehab Soliman; A Consultant Plastic Surgeon , A Consultant Post Bariatric Surgeon , A Prof. of Plastic Surgery – Cairo University. In addition , he is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) since 2008, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS) since 2010 & the Egyptian Society of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons (ESPRS) since 2004. He is a founding member of Aesthetic Academy of Egypt (AAEG) in 2015.

Other than his stunning medical profession to date, Dr. Shehab has also had a run in sharing his accumulative knowledge and experience throughout iconic publications in the field of plastic surgery. Specially in the field of “ Total Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss” . His numerous publications in Egypt and in USA has been recognized both nationally and internationally.

So far Dr. Shehab has been invited as speaker in national and international congresses. He has also been an esteemed lecturer in both Egypt, Canada & different states in USA, amongst are Massachusetts, Seattle, Atlanta, Cleveland & California.

As a faculty member of Cairo University, he lectures MD candidates in the field of “ Total Body Contouring After Massive Weight Loss” ( Post- Bariatric Surgeries).

Dr. Shehab’s gained appreciation through awards, amongst, from Cairo University in recognition of his international publications that aided in up- Ranking the position of Cairo University internationally in December 2013. In 2009, he was nominated for the Best Standing for Egypt Macedonia Awards (ISAPS).

February 2007, he won the best article award.