Rofayda Guardian

November 18th, 2019

Since safety & general wellbeing of women is our utmost goal & primary concern, Rofayda has teamed up with its healthcare providers to develop a special program to support a healthy and risk free pregnancy.

Ante-natal care starts from the very first moment a woman finds out she is expecting till after she delivers. At Rofayda, we have tailored a full coverage care program that provides everything a mom needs throughout her pregnancy journey, whether related to maternity, delivery, or overall health and safety.

Rofayda guardian is an all-inclusive program that includes all doctor visits, childbirth, post and pre-natal services, personal and more exclusive services.


– 9 Ante-natal visits

– Ultrasound during pregnancy ante-natal visits

– 3D Ultrasound twice during first & second trimesters

– Ante-natal Lab tests

– Delivery (Vaginal or Caesarean)

– 2 nights stay in a Single Room

-Neonatal Bilirubin Test

-Neonatal Hearing test

– 2 follow-up visit to a pediatrics